A. Email protection

  •  Use a strong email password
  • Use two-factor authentication
  • Observe your email habits
  • Keep an antivirus program installed
  • Beware of phishing emails
  • Don’t open attachments without scanning them first(anti-virus tools helps with
  • Never use public Wifi to access emails
  • Be careful with the devices you use
  • Use gmail confidential mode
  • Change your password as often as possible
  • Periodically review your security and privacy settings

B. Social media account protection

  • Use a strong password; the longer it is, the more secure it will be
  • Use a different password for each of your social media accounts
  • Set up your security answers
  • Be selective with friend requests
  • Click links with caution
  • Be careful about what you share. Don’t reveal sensitive personal information
  • Customize your privacy settings

C. What to do when your password has been changed

  • Update your security software, run a scan, and delete any malware
  • Reset your passwords for all account
  • Set up multi-factor authentication
  • Use a password manager to make your passwords strong and unique for every
  • account
  • Change your security questions(do not use weak support answers like “what’s
  • your favorite pet: cat”
  • Review your account activity
  • Review which devices use your account

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